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Core Program to Empower our Community

   Sister's Keeper Program

Start: April 2024

Registration: January 2024

6 Weeks Course ( 4 hours, 2 day a week)

Focuses on building confidence by increasing career development and self-awareness.

  • Basic Microsoft Computer Skills Training (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)

  • Resume Writing

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Mock Interviews

  • Goal Setting

  • Time Management

  • Life Empowerment Coaching

  • Financial Literacy

  • Career Clothes Closet at Completion

          Includes Certificate of Completion​ & Microsoft Certification

Price: $825

Small class sizes: 8-10 participants


Community Workshops
14 Dynamic Workshops


Small Business Financial Workshops


Small Business 101 Workshop- Prior to starting any business venture, there are some key components necessary to ensure success and longevity.  This workshop provides the basic foundation for those interested in becoming an entrepreneur.  The ultimate business start-up workshop


What About My Small Business? -This workshop answers some key questions about building your business from the business plan to creating your brand.  


Financial Docs: The Breakdown- Many businesses in need of funding struggle with understanding what bookkeeping and financial documentation must be in place to ensure proper funding to start businesses or scale businesses to the next level.  This workshop is a breakdown of the how and why of financial documents, and what it means to prepare financial docs for your business.


Level-Up Your Business Workshop- Taking your business to the next level requires a detailed strategy for continued growth and increasing revenue. Step one is starting the business, the next step is about putting those ideas to work. If you are at a stalemate with how to get your business to produce and sustain revenue, it is time to learn how to level up your business. This workshop helps participants gain some valuable keys to scaling their businesses to their greatest revenue-producing potential.


Business Credit 101 Workshop- Business credit is vital to the life of a business. It allows a company to borrow money that can be used to purchase products or services for the business.  We will explore and discuss the basics of business credit.  What it means to have business credit, Why it is essential to build strong personal and business credit, and How to begin to build credit for your business. As we explore various areas of business success, this workshop will focus on one of the most critical aspects of building and sustaining a successful business.

Milestone Setting Workshop- Kickstart your business, by understanding the importance of setting goals and achieving milestones for your business. The most successful small businesses are those that prepare, plan, and execute achievable goals for their business. Join us as we break down what milestones are, and how to use milestones to overcome barriers and create greater probabilities for a successful business.


Capital Pitch Training Workshop- Acquiring funding for your business can be a complex process for some small businesses without the knowledge and ability to sell and scale your business. Learn key strategies to create a winning pitch, and execute the kind of pitch that wins the necessary funding needed to propel your business beyond barriers to the next level. 

Personal Finance and Self-Care Workshops


Who’s Managing the Money? Budgeting and Savings Basics Workshop- Many people spend all of the money they make, but we all know that saving money is important. You may believe you do not have enough money to start saving. This workshop focuses on some important concepts and terms related to savings, budgeting, and some things you can do to start saving money now.


What About My Credit? Workshop-Harnessing the power of your personal credit requires a deeper understanding of what credit is, why it is important, how to improve it, and maintain it over time.  This workshop breaks down credit, what it takes to acquire it, and how to best use it when you have it.


Who Are YOU: Self Reflection Workshop- Examines what makes people self-sabotage and stand in their own way to true happiness and self-fulfillment.  When you begin to understand the “WHY’S” you can begin to make the choices that allow you drive your best strengths, as opposed to failures, and learn to use your failures as fuel to redefine what success, growth, and development means in your everyday life decisions.


The Power of NO! Workshop- Most children go through a phase where their favorite word is "No". That's because No is a power word. It gives us a definite sense of self. This means saying "No" is an ideal opportunity to rediscover your priorities and sense of who you are.  Until we learn to say "No" we continue to be overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time.


The Ultimate Life Design Workshop- Why do we self-sabotage?  How does fear prevent you from living your best life?  This workshop focuses on the conscious and unconscious way we see ourselves in the world and how to outline and design who you are becoming based on a new way of seeing and identifying self.

Community Empowerment

Shop Where You Live- The socio-economic impact of not supporting and patronizing our local businesses.  The effects are catastrophic for our communities and the people within the communities.  Learn how to reverse the adverse affects of taking your consumer dollars outside of your community, dispel myths of buying local, and how owners of small businesses can attract and maintain local customers, and give back to the communities they serve.

Your Voice, Your Vote-Have you ever felt invisible? Like your vote is not recognized and that the issues that plague your community go unheard? Who are you electing to represent your voice and your community?  This workshop helps to deep dive into how to vote responsibly, to ensure you entrust your votes to the right candidates, the right amendments, and the right platforms that reflect positive change.  Learn to make your vote count and how to hold those you entrust your votes to accountable to enact the kind of legislation that matters to you.

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